This is NOT a racist website

Many people may think that this site is racist or bigoted, but that is simply not true. You will not find racism on this site, but what you will find here is the TRUTH and nothing more. We discuss all racial issues and pull no punches when it comes to stating fact. All articles have links back to our sources so you can see we are not making anything up. Again, this is NOT a racist site. In fact, we respect foreign races. We just believe they should respect us as well and understand that everyone has a proper place in this world.

America today is fighting a politically correct war in which the establishment is attempting to sell us a false bill of goods that every race of people is the same, and that there are no differences between us. However, would anyone make the same claim about a seagull and a parrot? Why not? They are both birds, but the differences are obvious even to a young child. How about a hammerhead shark and a great white? Again, obvious.

backs love watermelons

Why then do people around the world insist on propagating the myth that Negros, Whites, Asians, and other races are exactly the same as one another? Are we similar? Of course we are, but we all have inherent differences in our complexion, hair style, and most importantly - disposition. Is it a coincidence that Negros love watermelons more than any other race? Of course it isn't. There are inherent distinctions among humankind, and scientists have thus classified people into various races, just as they do with all known species.

This is why we see such commonalities that run through particular races. For example, we know Negros are genetically prone to manual labor, poverty, and crime. Mexicans are predisposed to manual labor as well, but are more so 'pack' humans, which is why there are so many living together under one roof. Caucasians are predisposed to working hard and studying, which is why they are generally smarter and more successful. This is why Caucasians make such awesome leaders. As has been proven with the Obama administration, when a negro is elected to power, or any minority for that matter, it results in poor leadership and unmitigated disaster.

We do not subscribe to the outdated notion that races should be separate, after all sharks all live in the same ocean, and birds fly in the same sky. At the same time however, mixing of races should be limited as much as possible lest we lose the features which make us all unique in our own way. The key thing to remember is that we all have our place in society, and each race should stick with their own kind and not encroach upon the other's domain.

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